About us

We are Thom and Lianne, two groovers almost in their thirties who enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer.

In the Netherlands we live about 15 minutes apart. Yet we got to know each other on Bondi Beach in Australia. We both embarked on the adventure by flying independently to the other side of the world. 

We have now been living together for two years in our apartment close to the sea, where we regularly surf, snorkel and see a whale jumping here and there. Not bad, isn't it?

We have a dream: to work location independently and make people happy with our work. 

Thom van Mil (29) - Schipluiden

A creative lover of the snack bar, an adventurer, crazy about whales, football fanatic and especially having fun. Only embarked on the adventure with the idea of being away from home for a few months. Until he met the love of his life. In the future, hopes to work at a school in South America one day and to combine this with freelance writing.

Lianne van der Horst (27) - Schiedam

Regular participant of the creative afternoon at primary school. Has travelled alone for a long time and seen a lot of the world. She is currently working on turning her passion into a part-time profession. This surfer girl can't be knocked off her board and is happy to get her feet squeezed by her guy every now and then.