Custom Designs

How we work

Step 1

Tell us your idea

Send us a brief description of your idea with as many details as you can, so we understand your dream design. We'll review the idea and let you know if we're a match!

Step 2

Receive your quote

Based on what you've told us, the further research that is needed, the complexity and the estimated time that your design will take, you'll receive a quote. This isn't an obligation to buy. If you agree, tell us, make the conventional deposit and we're ready to get started!

Step 3

Review moment(s)

We'll work one-on-one on your design and will have at least one review moment. We send you the first sketch/pencil drawing and check with you if we're on the right track. Adjustments can still be made before the solid lines will get done. Only when YOU are happy, the lines will be traced.

Step 4

The result

Once your design is complete and you love it, we will send you the final design in high definition. You'll receive your invoice through email and you can transfer the money to our account. You can find the details in your invoice. For a small extra charge we can send you the original design to your door, all the way from Australia. 

Are you still interested in a custom-made design? Fill out the form below, so we can start designing YOUR perfect design.

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