'Turning passion into business'


We are Thom and Lianne. Born in the Netherlands, but living in Australia. We are the proud owners of our company "What if we fly".

We started 'What if we fly' for a very simple reason: We want to make you happy! We want you to get a smile on your mouth when you see our products. We want to share our lifestyle with you. A lifestyle with the ocean, surfing, traveling, road trips and having a lot of fun.

And how can you do this better with something that we like the most: drawing! With a personal, unique touch, we want to make you smile at least once a day. Because now honestly say: What could be more beautiful than your smile?

We make designs for anything you can imagine. A new logo? Planning for a tattoo? Do you want a cool frame on the wall? Or do you want to have your surfboard, guitar or skateboard pimped?

In any case, we can promise you one thing: that one oh, so important smile!   


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