Aupair in Australia

Many young people who choose to go to Australia do this on a “Working Holiday Visa”. In addition to giving you the opportunity to discover the country for a year, this visa also entitles you to one year of work. Since Australia is a relatively expensive country, it can come in handy to use a portion to make some money. There is a lot of different work to be found in Australia. Most end up in the catering or construction environment. Wages are generally a bit higher than in the Netherlands, at the same time this also applies to the price of groceries and a beer. Because I wanted to stay in Australia for a long time, I chose to do this in a way that would not have cost me too much money. I started working as an au pair in Australia.

Before I started thinking about traveling after my studies, I initially thought mainly of Asia. Nice and cheap, nice weather and I have already traveled a lot. I always had the impression that Australia was already quite pricey and with my bank account and lifestyle I would never last half a year. Until I suddenly read something online about working in Australia. In the Netherlands I graduated as a gym teacher and I worked for years after school. The experience of working with children is therefore certainly present. In this case it was about working as an aupair. An aupair is someone who goes to live in the house of a family in exchange for taking care of the children. In most cases you do not pay for accommodation and food, which makes it an economical job. In addition, most families give you between 200 and 300 Australian Dollars to get through the week. You may not be able to save very much, but it will cost you little more.

In the beginning I had the feeling that an aupair would always be a woman. Especially since there are occasional media reports about certain crimes of men and minors. After delving into it a bit more, I found out that there are indeed families who are looking for men to take care of their children. After this I decided to go for it and started looking for the right family. In the beginning I mainly focused on This is a website that connects families and couples worldwide.

Because it is of course not good soon, I obviously had a number of criteria that I thought the family should meet. For example, I wanted to live in a big city with at least a beach nearby. I also preferred active children, instead of children who would mainly be behind the Playstation. I have spoken to many families through this site. Unfortunately, there was always 1 thing that didn’t feel right. Sometimes this was where the family lived, sometimes it was just the story that just didn’t get me excited enough. In any case, it was very important to me to find the “perfect” family, since I would live and live there for six months.

After a while I still hadn’t found a family. There were a few other options from companies that could help me, but I think his questions were quite a lot of money for what I actually needed. This was not an option for me. Out of the blue I suddenly came across an Australian site called On this site you have to create a profile with your information about yourself, after which the company will look for a suitable match. 24 hours after creating the profile I received a whatsapp from the owner and I was welcomed. Look, and then the ball starts rolling! This is what I was looking for.

After chatting back and forth for a while, I was invited to a Skype conversation with Michelle, the owner of Aupair Care Australia. This meeting immediately felt very good and she assured me that she would come up with a suitable family for me. And this for free too! Within a week it had already happened, the right match had been found. I was linked to a Sydney family with 2 boys aged 12 years old. Sporty binkies, near the city and the sea and very cheerful parents at first sight. That’s how I came into contact with the Morsella family. After an evening Skype with parents Frank and Julie, we immediately decided that this was a perfect match: I am going to help them raise, collect and bring Paddy and Lewis for 6 months. After emailing back and forth with the family, I would fly to Sydney in early January 2019 to start my adventure. I just became an au pair in Australia!

No sooner said than done, on January 5 I flew to Australia in my uppie. A week later I was suddenly in a new family with unknown people, a foreign language, a big house in a city and country where I

no one knew. And yes, it has to be said. The beginning was quite intense. I was uncomfortable and wondered aloud if I had made the right choice and why I should start the adventure again if necessary. Why didn’t I just stay nice and safe in the Netherlands?

At some point, however, I got used to it, I got to know the family and made some friends with whom I went on trips when I was free. Because those moments were pretty many. Since the children are just in school, it was my job to make sure they had their things in the morning and that I would take them back in the afternoon after school. All in all, I was free every day between 8:30 am and 4:00 am. My tasks here and there were cooking for the kids, taking Lewis to the football, walking the dog and doing some laundry here and there. When I think about it, I actually really had an egg.

During my time as an au pair in Australia I learned so much. What would I do if I have children? Or what especially not? My English has made great strides, I got to know my current girlfriend and surf and I have seen beautiful parts in the Sydney area. In addition, I have made eternal friends with the family.

If you also have doubts about going for aupair in Australia, I really recommend that you join forces with Aupair Care Australia. Even when things were not going well, I just called them and we managed to find a solution. They are always there for you, it is free of charge and they are looking for a tailor-made family for you. ? If you want to know more about my adventures as a pair in Australia, you can always email me or leave a comment.